All about Lino

My name is Lino ZED from France

I’m a actor clown, mime.

I work everywhere for all audiences and without vugarity.

This this spectacle is adaptable on stage and outside.

You see below a story about this spectacle and a vidéo…

Le disloqué :

It’s the transformation of a man into a clown

Thin border…

Little by little the springs of illogicalism are arriving.

The decor is set, the Lino clown of his first name is present

Him, he will draw in mime everyday objects that he will divert, to conquer his audience

He will even offer to play with …

His growing confidence goes to the extraordinary, sometimes a magician,sometimes contorsionnist,to finish with a collective miracle which makes this end a rhythmic scene percussive, with a tap dance music hall number.

Successful bet ?

He goes out as he came, he put his best will.

We can’t please everyone, he doesn’t know, he’ll never know

Technical file and price on request

Rendez-vous page : contact

Lino on street

« On Stage »

New show :

« On stage  » A clown and a flea must to be at time on stage, but the flea is in late, like usual… the show started without her. Meanwhille Lino (clown) it’s a great showman , and he arrive to calm down this situation very embarrasing. How !, in mime, and tap dance, and a have to be trust in this partner « Mimi » (the flea)

I work with my character Lino in live and interaction, i from to school of Comédia dell’arte. I explain: « the text is write is strong but sometimes i’m give free about my feeling, the name is lazzi. To the pleasure